Lacey's Living Room

Yay! Our living room is done and is the first finished room after the remodel!  I wanted to use grey's and white's for the color scheme while adding pops of rustic, french, and modern accessories. I can't settle for one style so I like to mix them all together! :)

The Living room was used as a "music" room by the previous owner, but we transformed it into our TV room/ living space and we love it!

Here is the "Before"...

This photo was taken in the midst of opening up the pocket door entry into the living room!

This photo was taken in the midst of opening up the pocket door entry into the living room!


At first glance the room doesn't seem that bad, which it wasn't. The room had the least amount of work to be done but it allowed me to point out a few things. First, the narrow door way into this room was actually a double pocket door entry and had a low ceiling as well. Second, there is no transition piece between floorings. This house had several different floorings and with all different levels and subfloors  (it was super weird and hoky). Third, the original hardwoods - I truly loved this room the most for the fireplace and hard woods but after many MANY discussions we ended up laying new flooring on top as it made much more sense with all the different levels of flooring :( By laying flooring on top it became level with the rest of the house. It broke my heart to cover up the original hardwoods but in the end I am very happy with my decision. Fourth, the fireplace - this fireplace has a beautiful Mantel BUT it was covered in Mozaic tile. All we did was chip away at the tile, filled in some holes, and gave it a fresh coat of paint. It's one of my favorite features in the house!!

Here is the "After!"


I love how our living room turned out! We waited 7 months to move our furniture into this room and I truly love hanging out here. Especially when the fire is burnin'!

*Wall color is Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams.

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