Here is the grand before and after of the exterior of our Home. This 1950s colonial style home clearly was in need of a makeover. The shrubs were all over grown and the solar panel and yellow heart shutters had to go! When we first looked at the house we were a little overwhelmed by ALL the work that had to be put into it. BUT I saw the potential and I knew that God wanted us here, and so we took on the task!

One of the first things we had to do was take down the entire garage. I know what you're thinking, why the heck?! The garage floor was actually collapsing and it ended up being close in price to tear down the garage then to fill the room underneath the garage to prevent the floor from collapsing. Long story short we tore down the garage and made it a whole lot bigger! My husband loves his little fishing boat and since we were tearing down the garage anyway we thought why not add a third stall!

The shrubs were completely over grown. It reminded me of something out of a Disney movie almost. All the shrubs were very whimsical and cottage like. I loved the charm that I saw but it was all a bit too much so we tore out the majority of the overgrown shrubs and gave it a crisp fresh look with new grass, less shrubs and new clean landscaping.

Here is the final result!!! We did so much to fix up the exterior, and for a minute I thought it would never get done! Besides all the landscaping we installed all new siding, made the front second story windows double in size, added new black shutters, a new black front door, new garage doors, new outside lights, and to give it a little something extra and for an updated look we added white trim and posts to the outside of the front door!

The exterior was a major project but we are so thrilled with the results! Hope you enjoy these before and afters as much as we do! :)