Lacey's Guest Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Makeover. Before and After.

Let me start by saying that this post has been a long time coming! After I moved into my house about a year and a half ago my guest bedroom was my last priority to decorate and make all cute and what not. I was too focused on my kitchen, living room, and my own bedroom. But as of recently, I have finally gotten my act together and have slowly made my guest bedroom a comfortable and well decorated room!

Before remodeling my house the window in the guest room was half the size it is now, the window trim and floor trim were old and dirty, the walls were a darker brighter blue and the floors had not been refreshened with a sand job and polyvore. Unfortunately I just cannot find any of those photos but here is a peak at the room after the remodel but not quite styled and decorated.

Bedroom Makeover. Before and After.
Bedroom Makeover. Before and After.
Bedroom Makeover. Before and After.

A new larger window, new trim, and refinished flooring made the room so much better. I had this chandelier put in and the walls painted "Sea Salt" by Sherwin Williams. At this point all that the room needed was to be decorated. What you see in these pictures are bedding and things I had already had. I was definitely saving up so I could revamp this space, even though I still ended up spending very little money on decor! This was much better then before the remodel but was pretty bare bones and the decor I had lacked character, charm and everything I wanted my guest room to be.

And now the final result....!

Bedroom Makeover. Before and After.
Bedroom Makeover. Before and After.

What a transformation right?! I did not spend a lot money to get this look. Let's take a look at pricing of the things I bought for the room.

Price Break Down:

Bedding - $50.00 from HomeGoods

Bed Skirt - $5.00 from GoodWill

A couple decorative pillows - $20.00 each from Homegoods

Headboard - $180.00 from Wayfair

Rug - $200 from WellWoven (Jaclyn Beige Modern Moraccan Lattice Rug)

Furry Stools - $25 each from Hobby Lobby

Repurposed Items: 

I definitely "shopped my home" for most of the accessories in the room. These were things I had here and there or in storage that just didn't have a place anywhere else in my home and now they work perfectly in my guest room!

Nightstand - this nightstand was my sisters when she was a little girl!

Lamp - initially bought this for my living room, then switched it out for a different lamp. This now works great in here!

Lace Curtains - the lace curtains were used at my wedding for table cloths. We got them at GoodWill for a bargain price!

Pillows - I have tons of extra pillows, it's kind of a problem ;)

Throw Blanket - this was in my master bedroom but I stole it for this room instead :)

Mirror - This mirror was in my cabin and we replaced it with a different one. I painted it white and now its as good as new!

Dresser- my brothers dresser from when he was a child. I switched out the knobs to dress it up a bit!

Accessories - Horse head, candle sticks, pictures frames etc. - All things I have bought for one reason or another and ended up switching them out, now they get to be used in here!

Bedroom Makeover. Before and After.
Bedroom Makeover. Before and After.
Bedroom Makeover. Before and After.
Bedroom Makeover. Before and After.
Bedroom Makeover. Before and After.
Bedroom Makeover. Before and After.
Bedroom Makeover. Before and After.

New bedding, a new headboard, a new night stand, a new rug, and new accessories pulled this room together and gave it that wow factor I was looking for!

Let's just take a moment real quick to appreciate this AMAZING rug I received from Well Woven. The pricing is very affordable and the quality is stunning. It is a very full plush rug with that gorgeous velvety look. The look of this rug really brought the room to life and gave it a very romantic luxurious feel. 

When Well Woven gave me an option to pick out one of their rugs I knew I wanted a neutral color with a feminine pattern.  Since the walls were a soft gray blue I wanted everything else to stay white and cream with pops of silver. I love mixing shades of whites and off whites. It can be tricky to pull off at times but with the right accessories and statement pieces (like the rug and headboard) it can look fabulous!

The rug had the tone on tone of the cream colors I was looking for so it was love at first sight! This rug is also stain resistant and will not fade over time which is a huge plus! If you are interested in getting a rug from Well Woven we have a discount code for you!

Use Code: styledwithlace in the check out for 30% off!!!! So exciting!

The overall look I had envisioned for my guest room was a soft vintage look with modern elements (duh, thats my style, whats new?!) I think every little detail can pull a room together and I truly love the way it turned out and it was all done on a budget! Gotta love that!

We always ALWAYS recommend hitting up local thrift shops and goodwills for any kind of accessories, bedskirts, flower vases, old books etc etc, You never know what you may find! We have compiled some sources of the same and/or similar items we used for this room!

Shop The Look!

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Lacey & Kim

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