Adding Glam to Your Boudoir - A Blog Hop

We are so excited to be sharing this fun girly post with you today! If you're linking over from our friend Yunis's blog aka Love Your Abode, welcome!  We are so thrilled you are here!  If you're a regular reader, I'm so glad you have come to join us again as we share more of our homes with you today. We have gotten together with some fabulous bloggers to show you how easy it is to use perfume bottles, makeup, and jewelry to decorate your space and make it elegant and pretty!!

So let's get started! 

Lacey's set up...


It's just me and my husband living in our home so why not convert an extra room into a "glam room?!" This is where I do my makeup, and get ready for the day! I love having my makeup, perfume and jewelry out on display because not only does it add that feminine touch but it's so functional! I can see everything so there for, I use it! When things are tucked away in drawers I often forget I have it! Why not put something so pretty out on display?! We all have a few of these things. Sure, I may have a little more then the average gal :) (I have a slight obsession with makeup and perfume) but even one or two perfume bottles on top of a dresser adds so much glam!


My vanity was found at a local antique shop along with the ottoman. My love seat was passed down to me from my Grandma. I updated it by painting the wooden frame and legs white!


I love perfume bottles! The unique shapes and glass bottles bring such an elegant touch. Here I put my perfumes on this cute tray from Homegoods right on top of my ottoman! I like to switch them up and put the tray on top of my dresser or vanity but I also like to place it on my cute upholstered ottoman as a centerpiece!


Here is an overview of my vanity! Where all the magic happens ;) I have my makeup brushes on display along with some of my jewelry. The white wooden necklace stand is from WorldMarket and it holds all my statement necklaces quite nicely. The gold makeup holder is actually a desk organizer from Target but I liked it for my vanity. I love the pop of gold!


Now for Kim's set up...

I love to display my perfume and jewelry on my vintage antique mirrored tray along side my gold antique mirror that I found at flea market in the South of France!


Last year Lacey gave me this hankerchiff the night before her wedding and I have had it on display ever since. It works well with my decor and it's a very special memory <3


On my dresser I display the majority of my perfume collection on a flat mirrored tray. Next to that I have an old antique silver hair brush set that I just love!


Here I am using a French candle stick as a jewelry holder. I find this whole look to be very romantic and of course French! My favorite :)


In my bathroom I have more jewelry and pefume on display.


 Years ago I found this old architectural church steeple that I use to hang my long necklaces on.  Its pretty and functional and lets me see them all easily.


On my bathroom counter I have more perfume on an antique gold tray along with some makeup brushes! So girly and pretty!


Most women have a few cutesie perfume bottles and jewelry laying around, all you really need is to set them out on your table top!  A cute tray, mirror or container helps frame your cute item and helps set a "stage'" for them. If you are lacking in bedroom or bathroom decor, get creative by arranging your girly items and you'd be surprised how cute your space could be!

I hope you feel inspired to look through your pretty things and find a way to display some of your favorite pieces.  Thank you for joining us here and hope you come back soon! I invite you to hop on over to the next blog Classy Glam Living and find even more inspiration! I am loving the ideas shared today.  Don't forget to share these ideas on Facebook or pin them on Pinterest so that you have them when you go to decorate!

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