Lacey's Master Bathroom Remodel

My Master Bathroom was quite a horrendous site when we first walked through our house! The layout was just bizarre. To enter the bathroom you actually had to walk through the closet at a very awkward angle. Then when you approached the actual bathroom there was a linen closet, a single sink, and a tub along one wall. Then, right underneath the window was the toilet! Can you say AWKWARD? 

Even though the layout was awkward and a terrible use of space we actually realized that it was a large enough space to reconfigure the bathroom to really make a statement master bath. What we did in order to make this space functional was completely relocate the entrance into the master bath and closet (which ended up making the master bedroom more functional as well!) We dry walled the old entrance and moved it, so when entering the space you would be entering the bathroom first and not the closet. 

We replaced the single sink and tub with a double sink vanity! We moved the toilet next to the sink, and replaced the flooring as well! The flooring was half tile and half patchy wood floor...NOT CUTE!

One of the biggest changes was actually taking away a chunk of space from the closet to create a fabulous shower! The closet was already fairly large so we decided that in order to really make this bathroom work, taking some of it for the shower was beneficial for the entire space. This whole bathroom project consisted of a lot of relocating so reading this may seem confusing. BUT have no fear, I have added some lovely before and after pics to give you a better visual!


For my master bathroom design I really wanted to create a modern take on a 1950s home. I wanted to stay somewhat true to the era of the home but keep it all white and timeless. The tile was the number one thing I think screams 1950s BUT it's definitely a modernized version. No pink and brown tiles here thank you so much! As for the vanity and light fixture I went a little more modern. The light fixture is chrome, with square glass light bulb shades. The vanity has beautiful marble countertops and plenty of storage. The shower is all subway tile with a medium grey grout. We also used a medium grey grout color for the flooring as well. If it was white hexagon tile and white grout I thought it may look a little They grey grout really modernizes the whole bathroom!


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All major bathroom items and finishes are linked below for your convenience :)

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