Inspire Me Wednesdays

Oh Wednesdays...That day of the week when we are all lacking motivation and just need a little pick me up and a bit of inspiration. 

I have decided to start a series called "Inspire Me Wednesdays!"

Every Wednesday I will share what has inspired me for the past week or so! This could be anything! People, bloggers, fashion, decor, recipes, travel, the list could go on and on. But basically I want to share some of the lifestyle things that keep my spirits lifted and spark in me some creativity, and Wednesdays are those days for me where I'm kind of in desperate need of that!

So without further ado I present to you this weeks Inspire Me Wednesday!

I have posted five different fun and random things that have inspired myself and my creativity this past week. First, I wanted to share a of couple bloggers that I find to have amazing style and have been inspiring me and my blogging journey for a while now. They are definitely a couple of my favorite lifestyle bloggers! If you don't know them already you may be living under a rock ;)

Barefoot Blonde aka Amber Fillerup Clark has an amazing blog filled with travel, beauty, and lifestyle galore! She also has an Instagram page with over 1 MILLION followers and a YouTube Channel where she posts lifestyle vlogs, hair tutorials, and beauty tips. She is absolutely stunning and has an amazingly beautiful family! One of my favorite things about her is definitely her sense of style (and her hair, oh her hair)! She is always so classy and on trend. She always posts her sources of what she's wearing on her blog and not going to lie I am so tempted to buy this entire outfit she is sporting in these pics!

Honestly, you just have to check out her blog and you'll see for yourself how amazing it is :)



OKAY, blogger number 2!

Aspyn Ovard. Definitely has a young and fresh take on life! She also has over 1 million Instagram followers and 2 million subscribers on her YouTube Channel.  And she's only 19 years old! Such an inspiration!

One thing that I love about her is her home decor style. It's fresh, modern and simplistic and well, I am inspired by it FOR SURE. Check out her latest post on her bedroom.  She moved into her first home several months ago and has slowly been decorating it, and so far I have been loving it!



Since we are approaching March/ Spring Break season I definitely have a strong desire to be in a place where I can get some sunshine on my skin. In case you don't know, I live in Minnesota and I still have to wait several months before it warms up. UGH! However, one thing that inspires me during this time of year is to reminisce on past trips. Doing this brings back such happy memories and gets me excited to have warm weather or even take another vacation!

In August I went to Hawaii on my Honeymoon and looking back at these photos honestly inspires me to go out and have another adventure! It makes me want to explore more of the world and have fun in life. I am planning on going on a couple trips this spring and I can't wait! Looking at old adventures makes me want to do it again. And isn't that what life is about?! Having fun and going on new adventures?! Life is too short not to!



Now, lets talk about TARGET. Seriously what is Target these days?! They have THE CUTEST home decor collections out right now. Everytime I walk down the home decor isles ideas of how I want my house to look flood into mind!

If you are looking for accessories to spruce up a room, or want to give your home a spring time makeover, check out their collections. I'M. IN. LOVE.

Mineral Springs




Now, I will end with an inspirational quote...Cliche? Yeah maybe, but I really like this one so if I was inspired by it, maybe someone else will be too! :)