Painted Fireplace Makeover!

A couple years ago I started to slowly update my 12 year old home. I got rid of all the red, golds and greens and brought in white and greys! I painted my walls grey, purchased new white and grey furniture, bought new curtains, all to give my house a fresh look! After doing all this I really started to see my fireplace as quite the eye sore! The golden tan ceramic tile had to go. It didn't match any of my new furniture and wall colors. I thought about replacing it with marble herringbone mosaic or some type of natural stone. Since I couldn't decide and was too impatient to wait for a contractor and deal with the mess, I decided to paint the tile!

What did I have to lose? If I didn't like it I would just buy new tile as I originally planned! So I got to work!

 I used some left over creamy white latex paint and slapped it on! After it dried I took my electric sander to it and scuffed it up to give it a distressed look. 

We all ended up liking the look so I decided to leave it for awhile. It's been a year now and the paint is holding just fine and I still am liking it! Maybe someday I'll change it but for now it works and is much better then the terrible gold! 

This was one of the cheapest DIY's I've done that has had quite the impact on the rest of the room! The tile blends in now verse sticking out like a sore thumb! 


Here is the BEFORE!



Yes the accessories have changed due to change of season :) BUT you can definitely see that the white paint has transformed the fireplace completely!!


Hope you enjoyed this and feel a little inspired to take on your own projects from this little DIY! Believe me when I say it was super easy and AFFORDABLE!




Kim & Lacey